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Augmented Reality T-shirts - Plovdiv Unfolded

Plovdiv Unfolded is product line for interactive augmented reality T-shirts, created by Fold Your Mind. The design is inspired by artist drawings of Plovdiv's sights.

Influenced by minimalism, the prints are created in black with clear geometric shapes that find their place in the city landscape. Like all white T-shirts created by the brand, our augmented reality T-shirts are printed by hand in the studio. That is why the prints are unique, each of them is hand printed individually.

Our series of augmented reality T-shirts can be animated by downloading our free mobile app. Plovdiv Unfolded App is a mobile app that allows you to animate your augmented reality T-shirts.

When you scan your T-shirt, it becomes alive and hidden 3D model of the sight appear. You can zoom in and see the sight from different angles in real time. When you click on the book, a menu with curious facts about the touristic sight comes out available in two languages. Plovdiv Unfolded App creates a whole new experience of souvenir when you can have fun and learn about the sights history.

To activate the T-shirt story:

  • Install and open Plovdiv Unfolded app  Get On Google Play
  • Allow camera access
  • Focus your phone on the T-shirt
  • See how the T-shirts come to live with animations and 3D model of the sight
  • Enjoy great augmented reality effects
  • Learn about the sight history with fun facts
  • Take fun pictures to share

Each augmented reality T-shirt is packed in cotton fabric tote bag with print. It's easy to take it with you wherever you go. Already packed in compact shape, the perfect gift is ready to be sent away. Enjoy new perspective souvenir.

Plovdiv Unfolded, artist T-shirts with stories. Now Plovdiv is unfolded for you!

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Fold Your Mind

Fold Your Mind is bulgarian fashion brand for handmade T-shirts and designer clothing in minimalist style. Inspired by the artist and main designer Marchela Apostolova's drawings, our clothing is printed by hand and created in our fashion studio in Plovdiv. Our designer clothing and limited edition collections are inspired by streetwear with chic, minimalist touch. Fold Your Mind is part of fashion studio Diacheli.

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