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Miscellaneous Information:

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Marchela Apostolova

Fold Your Mind - head designer, T-shirts and accessories

phone. +359 /0/ 988 78 80 68 Viber

Marieta Apostolova

Diacheli  - head designer clothes

phone. +359 /0/ 898 92 72 90 Viber



Contact for orders: +359 /0/ 898927290 or +359 /0/ 988788068


Fold Your Mind

Fold Your Mind is brand by fashion studio DiaCheli for handmade, hand decorated and hand printed, T-shirts and clothes, inspired by the artist and main designer Marchela Apostolova's drawings. Our designer clothing is created in limited edition by fashion studio DiaCheli. Fashion, art, hand printed T-shirts and handmade accessories by Marchela for will complete your look.


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