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Black baseball hat with four silver metal eyelets and two colors removable tape strips p18-14-

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Black and soft baseball cap with four big size, silver, metal eyelets and two removable tape strips in black and candy pink.

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Black and soft baseball cap with four big size, silver, metal eyelets and two removable tape strips in black and candy pink.

This black baseball cap is entirely hand decorated in our studio. Once we put these very trendy, big size eyelets, we decided to add some more style with two different colors tape stips.

With its very trendy minimalist and simple design, this hat offers you three different options to wear with your look.

The first option is to wear the hat with no tape strips. The four metal eyelets are big enough, so you won't be unnoticed. They are durable, since they are made from non-corrosive material, besides these four eyelets will give extra ventilation for the summer.

The second option is to wear the hat with its very stylish black strip tape, you can decide the way you want to cross the strip tape. We decided to cross them in the middle. Either way, the strip tapes are really present this season and you are guaranteed to have this fashion street and casual look.

The third option is to add some color to your black cap, by using its very own candy pink strip tape. The color is nicely associated with our collection, since we used it on T-shirts, short and long trousers. You can attach the strip tapes by making a small knot on the inside of your hat.

Our baseball hat exist in one size only (59 cm standard size) but it can be adjusted by the velcro fastener.

The cap is made by light fabric and has soft structure with five panels and two embroidered ventilation eyelets in order to give you the perfect feeling for the hot summer days.

And because black is black, always present in our wardrobe, our black baseball cap with four metal eyelets and two removable tape strips, is perfect for your casual and modern look.


Composition:     Silvered eyelets: non-corrosive metal,     Baseball cap: 80% polyester, 20% cotton,     Size: One size only (59cm) adjustable 

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